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Jeff Jani

Jeff Jani

Jeff Jani is the CEO of AuthenticID, a mission-driven company that fights organized crime and stops fraud with its advanced identity proofing technology. He is an innovator and business strategist who has developed creative concepts and patented technologies into viable business enterprises worldwide. Jeff was instrumental in founding the All for Humanity Alliance, a movement that aims to change the course of history by putting an end to human trafficking and child exploitation.

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There are a few things that make AuthenticID different. If you want to get to know who we are, how we fight fraud, and why we fight fraud– this is your guide to our company.

Every business needs a strong mission: a purpose beyond profit, a reason for being, and a reason for leaders to push the boundaries of what’s possible and something that makes their employees want to get up in the morning to go to work. I’ve seen it firsthand: when a company has a mission that’s untainted … Read more