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©2022 AUTHENTICID 11 10 AUTHENTICATION FOR ALL SITUATIONS Low Transaction Frequency Very High High Medium AuthenticID Services Reauth ID Proofing Online/card payments Account sign-ins Online banking eKYCfor financial institutions Purchasing a home Signing up for a club membership Signing up for utilities Enrolling in school Loyalty program access and use Using sharing economy apps Ordering delivery Occupational licenses Facilitated talent matching Systems access and security Managing customer privacy Accessing the office eVerification Healthcare compliance Personal information updates Efficient payroll Registering a business Conducting background checks Filing taxes High-assurance contracting and transacting Acquiring insurance Managing insider threats Supply chain management Claim benefits Issuing passport/visa Processing immigration requests Birth/death certificate Online voting Verifying political donations Capturing electronic signatures Border security Managing contractors INDIVIDUALS WORKERS ENTERPRISES GOVERNMENT AuthenticID does far more than verify people for initial onboarding. It builds trust, security, and positive user experiences by making it incredibly easy to complete ongoing transactions and work with your company. Continual verification also ensures that sleeper operatives and good individuals that take bad actions are stopped immediately.