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©2022 AUTHENTICID 15 14 A critical aspect of protecting your bottom line, and your reputation, is staying out of the headlines. Nothing erodes customer and investor trust faster than news of criminal compromise. AuthenticID shields your brand by validating customer identities based upon all types of government-issued ID documents across 205 countries and NGOs. It protects transactions with Zero-Trust protocols. And it helps you keep bad actors from wreaking havoc on any of your platforms. As a result of implementing AuthenticID, customers can make transactions with absolute security and confidence. And you can rest assured that your brand is being protected against a multitude of malevolent forces. BOOT BAD ACTORS — BUILD TRUST AND SAFETY Meeting Fortune 500–grade security and compliance standards is an obstacle course that most companies simply cannot navigate. AuthenticID thoroughly understands the boxes you need to check. The tests you need to pass. And the concerns you need to address from critical stakeholders. SATISFY STRINGENT INFOSEC AND LEGAL STANDARDS AuthenticID holds its own SOC 2 Type 2 certification as well as other security certifications. We’ve passed several third-party security audits. And we meet major regulatory requirements, including GDPR, CCPA, and more.