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©2022 AUTHENTICID 16 In the time it’s taken you to read this eBook, fraudsters have gotten away with another $50 million of fraud globally. Fraud continues to dynamically evolve, morph, and increase on a daily basis. And fighting fraud is not a battle you can wage alone. AuthenticID stands ready to equip your organization so that you can make a stand and send fraudsters looking for softer targets. It is time to stop getting played by fraudsters, and it is time to ensure that you’re dealing only with customers who can truly be trusted. To find out how much fraud is costing you, run the numbers. TIME IS MONEY... A LOT OF MONEY Learn how you can fight fraud and reap an average 1,000-to-1 ROI. Stay on top of the latest developments, trends and risks via our Fraud Bulletin. TAKE THE NEXT STEP FRAUD CALCULATOR 17