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©2022 AUTHENTICID 3 2 1 fraudster $2 million THE SHADOW WAR THE TRUE ENEMY MAY SURPRISE YOU Fraud accounts for $4.2 trillion in losses annually. For many large enterprise organizations, this amounts to a billion-dollar hit (or more) to the bottom line — year after year. What makes this level of theft even more terrifying is the fact that most organizations can’t figure out who they’re actually fighting, how much money they’re actually losing, or how to effectively fight back. Organized crime accounts for 90% of fraud globally. These syndicates place extreme intention behind systematically deceiving, desensitizing, and pummeling companies into accepting fraud loss as a de facto cost of doing business. 90% GLOBAL FRAUD CASE EXAMPLE Here’s just one example of the toll organized crime takes. A single crime ring participant was able to perpetrate $2 million in fraud by stealing iPhones from a wireless company over a two-year period. Thanks to implementing AuthenticID, this criminal was one of many organized fraudsters who were caught.