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©2022 AUTHENTICID 7 6 Cutting through the tsunami of chatter and grand promises about biometric/ID authentication security is simple. It’s all about tangible results. We invite you to see why organizations choose AuthenticID after comparing us to competing products in head-to-head lab tests and/or pilot programs. This isn’t hype. It’s the simple truth when we reveal that no competitor comes close to matching the standard set by AuthenticID. Our fully automated counterfeit detection and identity verification solutions deliver 99%+ accuracy while converting applicants in 5 seconds or less. No other solution can come close to that. YOU CAN’T UNSEE THE IMPACT OF AUTHENTICID Studies show that trained passport officers are not accurate 20%-50% of the time in identifying counterfeit IDs and/or matching a person’s face to the photo on his or her ID. AuthenticID’s fully automated, AI-driven verification technologies outperform competing solutions, many of which rely on 30% to 95% of identity verification transactions being processed by manual review. CRIMINALS COUNT ON HUMAN ERROR