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©2022 AUTHENTICID 9 8 You don’t have to fight fraud alone. AuthenticID is run by a literal who’s who in the war against fraud and puts a commanding group of allies in your corner. By partnering with us, you can bolster your team with experts who have formerly worked for eight of the world’s top security agencies and criminal acquisition systems. You can get advice from people with intelligence-agency backgrounds who have active security clearances. And you can leverage the experience of professionals in document printing, as well as pioneers in face, fingerprint, and palm biometrics; DNA; and psychometric analysis. Give your organization a superweapon in the fight against fraud. AuthenticID Fraud Shield is the only solution of its kind that provides a nearly impenetrable barrier against even the most intensely rapid, prolific, inventive attacks. It’s powered by real-time anonymized data from other participating commercial organizations, as well as governmental criminal and fugitive data. It works across all industries and geographies. And it responds to new fraud tactics in a matter of seconds — not days, weeks, or even months like competing solutions. This is critical given that a majority of fraud comes from a combination of known fraudsters and people using legitimate IDs, moving quickly from company to company. Nothing in the marketplace can prevent this type of fraud like the AuthenticID Fraud Shield. POWERFUL ALLIES CLASSIFIED WEAPONS