Applications and Benefits

Gain Powerful Fraud-Fighting Allies


When you partner with AuthenticID, you’ll be joining a who’s-who of customers and partners with substantial influence:

  • A majority of the world’s leading identity verification, monitoring and protection companies
  • A majority of the top U.S. telecommunications companies
  • Major global banks
  • The most significant credit bureaus
  • A wide array of leading companies across industries

Use Cases By Industry

1 – Travel


Stop bad actors and streamline digital user onboarding for reward/loyalty accounts.

1 – Telco & Cable (Description)

Telco & Cable

Streamline account opening KYC and SIM swapping prevention compliance.

1 – Health Care (Description)

Health Care

Know your patient requirements, fight insurance and payment fraud, and verify identities for COVID-19 testing.

1 – Government (Description)


Provide the highest levels of security with 21st century identity proofing and fraud deterrence solutions.

1 – Financial Services (Description)

Financial Services

Stop fraud while increasing account openings with frictionless sign-up.

1 – Education (Description)


Accelerate customer checkout, decrease customer abandonment and prevent fraudulent charge-backs.

1 – E-commerce & Retail (Description)

E-commerce & Retail

Accelerate customer checkout, decrease customer abandonment and prevent fraudulent charge-backs.

1 – Gaming (Description)


Verify age, improve sign-up process, meet KYC/AML requirements and prevent account takeovers by money launderers/fraudsters.

Trust & Safety Standards

Increase confidence and protection for users/customers by stopping bad actors and keeping them out of your ecosystem permanently.

Age Verification

Quickly identify and verify customer/user birth data for age-restricted products, substances and content.

User Onboarding Streamlining

Reduce sign-up friction and increase new customer conversion with our proven UI while deterring fraud.

Fraud Detection & Deterrence

Gain the upper hand on fraudsters with fused machine learning and neural networks. Calculate your ROI now.

Ongoing Biometric Authentication

Continuously maintain non-biased, anti-surveillance security policies with trigger-based automated identity verification.

KBA & Database Lookup Replacement

Swap frustrating, slow, imprecise user/customer verification with the most accurate and fast identity proofing solution available.

KYC & AML Compliance

Quickly meet regulatory requirements with highly accurate identity proofing and fraud deterrence.


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