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Power safe and accurate identity transactions without human or algorithmic bias. Our patented next-gen AI and machine learning technology verifies identities with confidence.

Powerful Identity Verification
Made Simple

ID Verification

100% automated, instant ID document verification.

Our AI and machine learning technology provides 99%+ accuracy in detecting even the most sophisticated fraudulent documents. AuthenticID’s proprietary technology combines machine learning and AI to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity.

Biometric Authentication

Verify and Re-Authenticate a Person in Real-time.

Our facial biometric technology provides a quick, easy way to authenticate an individual by matching a person’s selfie to the photo on a government-issued ID with complete accuracy. Combined with AuthenticID’s liveness detection solution, we can help stop the most sophisticated spoofing, including face masks and deep fake videos.

Fraud Shield

Stops Sophisticated Fraud in its Tracks.

Fraud Shield addresses a variety of fraud attack vectors that an identity proofing solution may not initially stop. When Fraud Shield is running, sophisticated fraudsters and bad actors are stopped in seconds, using our fused biographic and biometric watchlists.

Use Cases

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Our powerful solutions provide everything you need to manage identity-based transactions and can solve your business challenges around fraud detection and deterrence, onboarding, and staying compliant.

Protect your business and customers from fraud threats in real-time with the latest in AI and ML technologies.
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Keep users and your business safe with powerful step-up authentication for high-risk account activity or transactions. Step-up authentication offers an easier, more secure experience over traditional KBA.
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Verify age and assure minor safety in both digital and retail channels via document scanning, selfie technology, or a combination of both. Designed with the needs of all age-restricted industries, products, and content in mind.
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Meet the shifting demands of global regulatory requirements, at scale, to prevent fines. Advanced technology instantly and easily verifies user identities to keep your business compliant with KYC/KYB regulations.
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Step-Up Authentication Account Enrollment Age Verification Fraud Prevention KYC/KYB Compliance

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Fraud Bulletin

Stay One Step Ahead of Fraud

Let our electronic bulletin keep you up to speed on emerging fraud tactics, threats, incidents and prevention strategies.

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AuthenticID combats fraud and provides identity-verified transactions to the largest U.S. banks, every major U.S. wireless provider, two of the most significant credit bureaus, federal agencies, and 10% of the Fortune 100. Explore all the industries we help support.

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Find out why AuthenticID is the undisputed leader in identity processing and see how we can help your organization mitigate risk, convert customers, and reduce operational costs with our frictionless ID proofing solutions.