No other technology
comes close.

AuthenticID’s patented next gen machine learning and AI identity verification technologies are light years ahead of other providers. Here’s why.

The only solution built to handle identity verification at global scale.

It doesn’t matter how good identity verification technology is if it tops out or slows down under massive demand. AuthenticID is the undisputed leader in identity processing, with the ability to handle 35 million transactions in a single day and over 1 billion transactions per month. All with our same lightning-fast, 100% automated processing speed.

AuthenticID can process 35 million identity or biometric verification transactions per day.

Cutting edge technology for unmatched results

AuthenticID’s industry-leading identity document verification technology offers the highest accuracy in the industry.

Capture and process low-quality images with the most challenging backgrounds and lighting.

Computer enhancements offer fewer clicks for industry leading, 98% first-time pass rate.

OCR Data Extraction is 100% automated and instantaneous form fills.

Our technology supports ID verification from over 200 countries.

Seamlessly embed our business solution into your web, iOS, or Android workflow.

Comprehensive consent tracking to ensure regulatory compliance is always followed.

Face recognition technology using AI and machine learning.

Ultimate accuracy. Decisioning without bias.

Only AuthenticID delivers 99%+ identity proofing accuracy with 99%+ spoofing and counterfeit detection. In seconds. What’s more, our solutions run 100% on machine learning and computer vision technology with absolute zero human bias or mistakes for both gender and race. As a result, when it comes to guarding against algorithmic bias, our solutions set the global standard.

Government and financial institution-grade security.

Why is AuthenticID trusted by the United States government and many of the world’s largest banks?

We exceed InfoSec and legal process compliance standards to secure data beyond compromise for exacting organizations worldwide. This includes meeting SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO27K security and performance certifications. Through our channel network, our technology has passed Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) liveness tests.

And, every year, AuthenticID is rigorously audited by independent third-party companies as well as government bodies to prove that we comply with global and regional standards. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we maintain ultimate security.

Certificate #021867

Identity Decision Engine

A Backend Tool to Review Transactions & Customize Identity Decisioning

The Identity Decision Engine is a backend tool to manage transactions and customize verifications workflows based on your company’s unique business needs and risk tolerance. Users can look up transactions in real-time, configure rules for decisioning and gain fraud insight through dashboards and reporting.