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Synthetic Identity Fraud

Intimidate Bad Actors & Keep Customers Happy

Gain the upper hand on fraudsters with AuthenticID’s Identity Proofing and Fraud Shield Solution. Prevent account takeover and fight synthetic identity fraud with our proprietary AI and machine learning technology. 

AuthenticID’s identity proofing solution features:

  • A layered approach to identity proofing with document verification, selfie verification, and Fraud Shield technology for comprehensive coverage
  • 100% automated identity document verification delivers a confident yes/no decision in seconds- no manual review
  • Biometric authentication with liveness detection to ensure the ID or person is physically present during account opening or re-authentication
  • Real-time monitoring of bad actors and detection of repeat fraud attempts
  • KYC / AML compliance assistance to comply with regulations and prevent hefty fines

Three Ways AuthenticID Aids in Fraud Detection

Detect Counterfeit ID’s
With more than 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity, we catch the most sophisticated fraudulent documents with 99%+ accuracy in counterfeit detection.

Trigger Step-up Authentication for High-Risk Transactions
Higher-risk user activities can trigger a higher level of security: step-up authentication. Trigger step-up authentication with the security you need and a streamlined user experience.

Create Fraud Watchlists for Bad Actors
With Fraud Shield, you can flag and add bad actors and fraudsters to a Bad Actors Watchlist to instantly protect your company in real-time with fused biographic and biometric watchlists.

See our ID Verification
in Action

Explore the benefits of Identity Proofing. Our ID Verification technology can be tailored for any industry with custom workflows to meet your use case needs.

Product Recommendations for
Fraud Detection

Our identity proofing and fraud prevention solutions powered by patented machine learning and AI technology will help detect and prevent fraud while quickly verifying the identity of users.

AuthenticID’s Facial Biometric technology provides a fast, simple way to authenticate an individual by matching a person’s selfie to the photo on a government-issued ID, profile picture, or any other image of a person’s face with complete accuracy.

Our machine learning technology provides 99%+ accuracy in detecting even the most sophisticated fraudulent documents. Our proprietary technology combines machine learning and AI to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity.

Fraud Shield is AuthenticID’s proprietary, fused biometric and biographic watchlist service, offering fraud detection and protection unlike anything else on the market. This “superpower” solution is nearly 100% accurate and can protect your company against even the most rapid, prolific, and sophisticated bad actors.