Streamlined, secure identity verification

Reduce Fraud, Improve Player Experience, and Maintain Compliance

Identity Verification Solutions for the Gaming and Gambling Industry

Identity services you can trust to ensure players and participants are who they say they are. Perfect for both online gaming and in person identity verification at casinos and entertainment venues. 

• Account Enrollment and Onboarding
• Age Verification to Prevent Underage Users
• Fraud Detection & Deterrence
• Login Protection w/ Ongoing Biometric Authentication
• KBA & Database Lookup Replacement
• KYC & AML Compliance

Identity Verification Benefits in Gaming

Maintain regulatory compliance, prevent fraudulent account openings, and accelerate onboarding and authentication.

AuthenticID’s 100% automated identity verification technology delivers a convenient, secure, and fast verification experience for the gaming industry and its players.

Fully manage all ID Verification and Age Verification laws and requirements

Keep users safe and ensure minors do not access age-restricted games or adult content.

Detect fraudsters and create a “bad actor” watchlist.

Authenticate a customer in real-time with facial biometrics.

Automated, AI-based technology verifies IDs in seconds and eliminating human errors associated with manual reviews.

Onboard good customers faster, reducing abandonment rates.

Keep user accounts safe from unauthorized purchases and/or bets.

Identity Fraud is Escalating in Online Gaming and Gambling

Increase in suspected
digital fraud rate
for Online Gaming*



A single fine to casino
operators for allowing
underage gambling***


Billion players worldwide
(up by over 1 billion
in the last seven years.**)


Global gaming market
size expected to grow
from 2023 to 2030**


Implement a Layered Approach to Identity Verification

✓  Biometrics
✓  Document Verification
✓  Data Enrichment

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Product Recommendations

Our portfolio of products offers a complete identity proofing solution in gaming to meet any business’s compliance and identity verification requirements.

Our machine learning technology provides 99%+ accuracy in detecting even the most sophisticated fraudulent documents. Our proprietary technology combines machine learning and AI to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity.

AuthenticID’s Facial Biometric technology provides a fast, simple way to authenticate an individual by matching a person’s selfie to the photo on a government-issued ID, profile picture, or any other image of a person’s face with complete accuracy.

Our solution verifies the age of users and confirms age requirements in digital and retail channels via document scanning, selfie technology, or a combination of both. AuthenticID’s proprietary technology offers a critical barrier to keep consumers and businesses safe and lawful.

With great growth comes greater threats from bad actors and fraudsters. Bad actors are escalating their identity theft attempts on online gaming platforms and their players and participants.

Common fraud types include:

  • Account Takeover Attacks
  • Chargeback Fraud
  • Friendly Fraud
  • Payment Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Bonus Abuse
  • Unfair Gameplay
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Know Your Gamer

Unlock the Value of Identity Verification in the Gaming Industry. Know Your Gamer (KYC) contribute to safer, fairer, and more positive gaming experiences for all and reduce risk and liability. 


2024 State of Identity Fraud

Our 2024 State of Identity Fraud Report provides the biggest identity fraud threats and trends, a review of the most-impacted industries, expert tips on identifying bad actors, and the best practices and future-proof tech you need to mitigate fraud. 


Keeping the Digital Playground Safe

Age verification is a crucial step that helps us protect our children from potentially dangerous people, content and products.

You won’t find a more qualified team.

AuthenticID is run by a “who’s who” of experts in identification documentation, forensic science, counterfeiting, and law enforcement, as well as leaders in face, fingerprint, and palm biometrics.

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