100% Automated
ID Verification

ID Verification Software with 99% accuracy and nearly immediate results.

ID Verification without the friction.

ID Verification Software

Fully Automated Decisions in Seconds

Near-instant results mean higher customer conversion rates, faster onboarding, and more satisfied users. Our identity verification and identity fraud prevention features offer you a comprehensive risk management solution that is fully customizable with 99%+ accuracy and in alignment with required Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, among other regulations.

Industry Leading Speed and User Experience

AuthenticID’s proprietary technology combines machine learning and AI to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity. Our capture technology allows us to optimize and process the most difficult images and backgrounds.

In just seconds, transactions are completed providing a quick and seamless user experience. Our automated document analysis includes:

  • Visual & Text Analysis: Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) and Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) perform visual text analysis to review ID formats, font and usage, positioning of elements and signatures.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Visitor behavior analysis technology collects information from the user submitting an ID to ensure their was liveness and a real person is performing the transaction.
  •  EXIF & XMP Data Analysis: EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) and XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) extracts data from a picture such as time zone, longitude and latitude coordinates, and date / time of image creation.

Identity Decision Engine

A Backend Tool to Review Transactions & Customize Identity Decisioning

The Identity Decision Engine is a backend tool to manage transactions and customize verifications workflows based on your company’s unique business needs and risk tolerance. Users can look up transactions in real-time, configure rules for decisioning and gain fraud insight through dashboards and reporting.

Cutting edge technology for unmatched results

AuthenticID’s industry-leading identity document verification technology offers the highest accuracy in the industry.

Capture and process low-quality images with the most challenging backgrounds and lighting.

Computer enhancements offer fewer clicks for industry leading, 98% first-time pass rate.

OCR Data Extraction is 100% automated and instantaneous form fills.

Our technology supports ID verification from over 200 countries.

Seamlessly embed our business solution into your web, iOS, or Android workflow.

Comprehensive consent tracking to ensure regulatory compliance is always followed.

Industry Leading Results

AuthenticID’s platform uses AI verification with ease and on a global scale — the first and best of its kind. Our facial recognition technology offers fast, reliable, and secure results, every time.

ACCURATE counterfeit detection    



Fully Automated, No Human Review Required



First-Time Pass Rates for User Conversions



ID Security Features Analyzed

  • Data Positions
  • Color
  • Signatures
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Security Features
  • Font
  • Document Liveness
  • Material Analysis
  • Liveness Detection
  • Photo Image
ID security feature detection for ID verification

What Sets AuthenticID Apart?

Custom Identity Verification Designed Your Way
Recognizing the diversity of risk management approaches, AuthenticID presents a solution that promotes customization. Shape your identity verification workflows according to specific channels, use cases, and jurisdictions. With our cutting-edge verification technology, you gain the ability to finely calibrate risk tolerance levels, striking the right balance between thwarting fraud and optimizing the customer experience.

Swift, Reliable ID Checks
Our fully automated technology eliminates the risk of human errors in reviews. Identity verification takes seconds, boasting over 99%+ accuracy in counterfeit ID detection. Over 96% of users breeze through the first verification attempt, bolstering user conversion rates and preventing drop-offs.

Fraud-Tough Technology and Services
Stay ahead in the battle against fraud with our technology’s AI and machine learning foundation. It’s always learning and adjusting to stay current against evolving fraud techniques. With the added layer of Fraud Shield, users can heighten their defense mechanisms by flagging malicious users for watchlist tracking. Plus, our team of skilled analysts perform fraud forensics and analyze False Acceptance and False Rejection rates to reduce risk and friction tolerance.

See our ID Verification
in Action

Explore the benefits of Identity Proofing. Our ID Verification technology can be tailored for any industry with custom workflows to meet your use case needs.

Added Layers of Security for ID Verification

Enhancements for the most comprehensive identity solution

Biometric Authentication

Confirm a person’s true identity with just a selfie.

Age Verification

Verify age or an age range in seconds.

Fraud Shield

Detect fraudsters and create bad actor watchlists.

Frequently Asked Questions about ID Verification

Our platform is comprehensive and easy to use. As the customer walks through the process, it will prompt them with each step. All it takes is a government-issued ID, and a camera to capture their selfie picture. AuthenticID technology will capture the information shown on their ID to fill out the form fields required for verification. They’ll get the results in seconds so they can move on to the next step.

Yes, biometric verification can be added as a second layer of protection and authentication for customers. It is more secure than many other forms of multifactor authentication, such as KBA or passwords. Biometric Authentication can also be used for step-up authentication or reauthentication.

With AI and Machine Learning driven technology, the process to authenticate an identity is nearly instantaneous. It removes the need for human, manual review which is timely and error-prone.

With automated verification the customer’s need for instant satisfaction and the fast-paced environment we be easier to achieve.

AuthenticID ID verifications take 7 seconds or less.