Biometric Authentication:
Unlock identity authentication
with facial biometrics.

Verify and Re-Authenticate a Person in Real-time with Facial Biometrics

It’s as simple as looking at your camera to capture a selfie. Confirm a person’s true identity in real-time with AuthenticID’s Facial Biometric Authentication technology, remotely or at scale.

AuthenticID’s Facial Biometric technology provides a lightning-quick, simple way to use biometric authentication to verify an individual by matching a person’s selfie to the photo on a government-issued ID.

AuthenticID’s Facial Biometric technology provides a lightning quick, user-friendly way to authenticate an individual. This solution matches a person’s selfie to the photo on a government-issued ID, profile pictures, or any other image of a person’s face with complete accuracy.

Combined with AuthenticID’s liveness detection solution, we can ensure the person taking the selfie is actually present. This solution stops the most sophisticated spoofing techniques, including face masks and deep fake videos.

Biometric Authentication

Platinum Features

Our platinum biometric features give you a zero-tolerance system, frictionless user experience (UX), world-class security and so much more:

Spoofing happens when a person or program accurately impersonates someone else by falsifying data. Our Liveness Detection reduces this risk and has passed Beta Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

Using biometrics for an alternative form of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) increases data security, offers strong authentication, and is a key component of our identity and access management (IAM) system.

With a quick selfie capture your customers can seamlessly authenticate and re-authenticate from any device. Plus, deploy smart friction through custom workflows that prompt step-up authentication for high-risk transactions only.

Users can access biometric authentication on any device you choose — mobile, desktop or other. Selfie authentication can be device-specific or non-device-specific, so users can capture selfies from anywhere on any device.

With leading biometric authentication technology, you can decrease false rejection rates due to demographic factors such as skin color, gender, or age.

Customize your verification solution based on your unique business needs and risk tolerance. Seamlessly embed our business solution into your web, iOS, or Android workflows.

Once a user is verified, their information is stored in a separate, secured, and encrypted database within the AWS cluster with custom data retention policies allowing instant data deletion.

Combine a zero-trust security architecture with biometric authentication to give users the resources they need while fighting fraud and attacks.

The Impact of Biometric Authentication

The industries we serve — including financial services — have a duty to protect their customer data and identity from fraud and theft. Biometric Authentication is the safest way to both defend and secure information; it’s been adopted by banks around the world as the preferred method of authentication.


1. Customer protection from theft.
2. Safeguarding from employee fraud.
3. Fast and secure customer experience.
4. Accurate identification above all other methods.
5. Guarded mobile device and internet ID verification.

Here’s How Biometric
Authentication Works.

Biometric data is uploaded, matched, verified, and saved with our advanced system. Here’s everything you need to know about our AI-based identification system:

  • 1. Capture Selfie: The user is prompted to capture a selfie image using their preferred device.
  • 2. Face Match: The selfie image is matched to a government-issued ID to ensure the person taking the picture is in possession of the ID.
  • 3. Liveness Detection: Liveness, spoof detection technology checks that the person taking the picture is doing so in real-time.
  • 4. Verification: Identity is verified in seconds.
  • 5. Re-Authentication: Enable ongoing re-authentication to replace traditional SMS-based multi-factor authentication and passwords. A safer and more secure option.

Fraud is sophisticated. So is our Biometric Technology.

Fraudsters are getting more advanced, so you need an ID verification solution that can keep up. 

AuthenticID’s Biometric Authentication employs facial authentication software — the uniqueness of someone’s distinct features — to verify their identity. Our facial biometrics can’t be duplicated by bad actors or accessed by cyber hackers. Each user’s digital identity and sensitive data are protected. 

Our biometric authentication technology can protect against synthetic identity fraud including:

● Deep Fakes
● Spoofing
● Screen Shots
● Digitally Tampered Selfies
● 2D & 3D Masks
● Printed Photos

Biometric Authentication for face authentication accuracy.

Biometric Authentication Across Mediums and Borders

No matter where, who, or on what device, users can seamlessly verify their identity quickly and securely. Biometric identity services check off the boxes you’ve been searching for in a verification solution. Prevent fraud and identity theft with AuthenticID’s Biometric Authentication.

Read the Biometric Authentication product sheet to learn more. >>>>>>

Biometric Authentication Product Sheet by AuthenticID

Industry Leading Results

AuthenticID’s platform uses AI verification with ease and on a global scale — the first and best of its kind. Our facial recognition technology offers fast, reliable, and secure results, every time.

ACCURATE counterfeit detection    



Algorithms for non-bias race and gender decisioning



PII compliant



Security with Biometric Authentication is Possible

Digital sign-in, ID authentication, application verification, and onboarding all require identity verification to some degree. Whether you’re helping to secure a customer’s data or developing frictionless UX, AuthenticID has what you’re looking for.

Account Enrollment• ID Not Present Authentication• Password-less Authentication
• Step Up Authentication• Age Verification• Account Reset
• Electronic Document Signing• High-risk Transactions• Legal Transactions
• Workforce Onboarding• Ongoing Re-authentication• Online Renewals

Is Biometric Authentication Right for Your Business?

In the past, simply comparing a photo ID with the name of someone or visually checking the ID was verification enough. With the advancement of technology and online uses, it’s necessary to improve processes ahead of hackers and spoofers.

Biometrics is now the preferred method for users to safely sign into their account or to verify themselves during a background check due to its validity and digital complexity. Consumers are increasingly password fatigued and Biometric Authentication offers a safe alternative authentication method.

Facial recognition is recognized as the most reliable and most difficult-to-replicate form of biometric verification. It offers safe alternatives, especially to companies that deal with sensitive information.

Government and Financial Institution-Certified

Trust AuthenticID for data security. Our technology is trusted by the US government and some of the world’s largest banks.

Every year our software is heavily audited by third-party companies and government bodies to ensure it aligns with the latest global and regional standards, including SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO27K security and performance certification compliance.

+ Alliances

Security is in everything we do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Biometric Authentication

Biometric traits, also known as biometric identifiers, that can be used for verification can include voice, written signatures, fingerprints, DNA, iris or retina patterns, and others.

Facial biometrics includes both facial recognition and facial authentication. Facial biometric software captures, analyzes, and verifies identities via comparison to either a database (recognition) or single photograph (authentication). The technology accomplishes this by collecting unique biometric data of each person.

Facial biometrics offers enhanced safety and security. Using facial recognition for user authentication provides a fast, instant, and sleek user experience. Facial biometrics is also convenient for both businesses and users, because it does not require any specific hardware on a variety of devices. The process is as convenient and easy as taking a selfie.

To set up biometric verification, the process is typically the same no matter which trait the system relies on. An authorized individual’s biometric marker is recorded and stored in a database, which can then be compared against future access attempts.

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