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Our Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of industry experts and relentless innovators bringing years of experience to the company.
Together, we are pushing identity forward.

Reed Taussig

Blair Cohen
Founder & President

Charles Padgett
Chief Operations Officer

Chris Borkenhagen
Chief Digital Officer

Katy Marshall
Chief People Officer

Franklin Fite
Chief Technology Officer

Alex Wong
VP of Product Management

Daniel Patton
Chief Revenue Officer

Dan Welch
SVP of Customer Success

Kristine Champion
Vice President Marketing

Michael Mincieli 
Chief Accounting Officer

You won’t find a more qualified team.

AuthenticID is run by a “who’s who” of experts in identification documentation, forensic science, counterfeiting and law enforcement, as well as leaders in face, fingerprint and palm biometrics … DNA … and psychometric analysis.

Partnering with AuthenticID lets you bolster your team with experts who have formerly worked for eight of the world’s top security agencies and criminal acquisition systems. It also gives you access to advice from people with intelligence-agency backgrounds who have active security clearances.

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