A Superpower technology to find fraudsters.

Fraud Shield is Your Knockout Punch Against Fraudsters

Power up a nearly impenetrable barrier against fraud with this comprehensive, cutting-edge technology.

Proprietary fraud detection and protection service.

Fraud Shield is AuthenticID’s proprietary, fused biometric and biographic watchlist service, offering fraud detection and protection unlike anything else on the market. This “superpower” solution is nearly 100% accurate and can protect your company against even the most rapid, prolific, and sophisticated bad actors– in real time.

This technology is powered by a proprietary combination of real-time anonymized customer data, commercial data, and governmental criminal data– as well as fugitive data – from around the globe. Fraud Shield is the security choice of some of the country’s largest telecom and financial companies, offering superior fraud detection and protection with seamless user experience. Our Fraud Shield commercial customers begin recouping fraud loss and significantly increasing their bottom line as well as company value on day one.

Fraud Shield Stops Sophisticated Fraud in its Tracks Almost Instantly

We know that fraudsters are getting more sophisticated- meaning the risk to your business’ bottom line, and your customers’ experience, is huge. These bad actors might use a combination of techniques quickly, meaning your fraud-fighting technology must work just as fast. Fraud Shield is a critical component of any enterprise company’s fraud-fighting technology that addresses a variety of fraud attack vectors that an identity proofing solution may not initially stop. With Fraud Shield, you can:

• Flag and add fraudsters to a Bad Actors Watchlist

• Stop mule activity and 1st party fraud using real IDs

• Track frequency of account creation attempts with our Velocity Detection feature

Fraud shield uses advanced fraud detection to discover and protect against bad actors.
Fraud shield detects bad actors by face, not name.


Bad actors might use real, valid IDs that could be verified as good IDs, a challenging fraud method for many businesses to stop. But if a selfie is required as part of Fraud Shield, our facial recognition technology will flag a headshot to selfie mismatch. Fraud Shield uses the headshot from the ID, selfie, or ID number to create a Bad Actor List. When a bad actor is identified, you can enroll the face as well as biographic information into the watchlist. Once enrolled, Fraud Shield can provide a flag anytime that person tries to get back into your system, including fraudsters who use breeder documents to get real valid government IDs issued to them. It’s a knockout punch to the bad actors who may try to target your business again and again.

Eliminate fake IDs or fake government documents with advanced fraud detection algorithms.


Fraud Shield’s Bad Document screening utilizes proprietary technology to manage a bad document watchlist as well as decisioning. When a Bad Document is confirmed, a customer can enroll the document number and its jurisdiction onto a watchlist. When a document is enrolled, the watchlist update takes effect immediately, with no lag for multiple fraudulent document attempts.

Screen against any number of fraud triggers:

  • ID photos
  • Selfies
  • Database photos
  • ID document numbers
  • Full names
  • IP addresses
  • Time zones
  • ID document front image
  • Specific devices
Advanced fraud detection and protection.

Fraud Shield

Immediate fraud-fighting power with an average
1,000 to 1 ROI

Streamline onboarding for customers and employees using fast, frictionless identity decisioning in 5 seconds or less with nearly 100% accuracy

Validate the authenticity of identities across 205 countries and NGO’s, supporting all globally issued government documents without the need for manual review

Allow customers to make transactions with absolute security and confidence

Eliminate fraudulent payment card usenand prevent friendly fraud

Build trust and safety by eliminating bad actors within your user base

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