Moving at the Speed of Fraud

Our Mission

The mission of our Identity Fraud Taskforce is to move at the speed of fraud.

What does that mean? It involves detecting fraud before it breaches our clients’ systems, constructing an identity verification platform that stands as an impenetrable shield against the most sophisticated attacks. Moreover, it involves equipping ourselves and our clients for the future of fraud, constantly staying ahead of fraudsters – understanding their tools and preempting their techniques.

  • Ph.D. and M.S. level Data Scientists in AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision
  • Senior Level Machine Learning Engineers
  • Optics and Material Scientists with decades of document design and authentication experience for federal and local law enforcement
  • Licensed Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

Nathan Short, Ph.D.

Stephen Thwaits

Waseem Shadid, Ph.D.

Spandana Vemulapalli

Jay Harrell

Justin Sorensen

Identity Fraud Tactics We Fight

Counterfeit IDs

Deepfakes & Face Swaps

Injection Attacks

2D & 3D Facial Recognition Spoofs

Synthetic Identities

Generative AI Faces

Fake Signatures

Step into the dynamic world of our Identity Fraud Taskforce, where innovation meets vigilance. Through meticulous research and the development of fraud fighting machine learning algorithms, we strive to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our dedicated team works to deliver accurate, comprehensive identity solutions and actionable insights to our customers.

Our team conducts research on highly sophisticated counterfeits and biometric spoofing techniques through optical and material lab experimentation​, systematic literature reviews, and code-breaking research. Our team curates specialized and custom datasets for algorithm development based on lab discoveries.

The Identity Fraud Taskforce team specializes in machine learning and computer vision algorithm development, model training, and hyperparameter tuning for optimal results. Additionally, the team conducts proof of concept studies to validate effectiveness in real-world scenarios by testing them in diverse environments and context.

Our Identity Fraud Taskforce specializes in model optimization and model integration to fine-tune our fraud detection models. They validate the effectiveness of our solutions by simulating scenarios against use cases to ensure system reliability and accuracy across different contents. Our Data Scientists leverage our validated fraud solutions deployed into production to provide unique insights into identity data passing through customer systems.

Our Identity Fraud Analysts monitor fraud and inbound threats in real-time, analyzing hundreds of thousands of verification data each month to detect anomalies and enhance our system. This process fuels the data and fraud trend insights that are provided in our Identity Fraud Report and customized performance reviews with customers.

Our team collaborates with our customers to proactively gather fraud intel and aids and advises customers during escalations to quickly block new fraud vectors. This information is provided back to our research team to ensure timely development of relevant fraud detection algorithms.

Throughout our journey, our team members have registered more than 40 patents and proudly secured over a dozen patents across the United States, Europe, and Asia. These patents cover a diverse array of innovations in the fields of:

  • Tamper detection and characteristic detection techniques for identification documents
  • Advanced data structures and data processing systems for physical counterfeit document detection
  • Data and transaction decisioning systems
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for printed and handwritten text in digital images
  • Digital document recognition and processing
  • Extracting information from digital document images
  • Document layout analysis in digital images
  • Velocity systems for fraud and data protection of sensitive data
  • Development of obfuscated identification templates for secure transaction verification
  • Spoof detection using illumination sequence randomization

Our relentless pursuit of innovation continues to drive us forward, shaping the landscape of identity protection and fraud prevention. 

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