Transaction ID Review & Remediation:
Analysis of Fraud Attacks

Identifying and Reporting Emerging Threat Vectors.

Our expert analysts identify new trends before they become a costly problem for your business.

Identity Transaction Review Meeting

Expert advice when you need it.

Our Transaction ID Review & Remediation service offers an investigation of ad hoc fraud attempts and proposed remedies to help protect your business against high-volume fraud attacks.

A deliverable of the review presents a clear picture of your False Acceptance and False Rejection rates which in part reflect corporate risk and friction tolerance.

Transaction ID Review

Key Benefits &


Fraudsters are constantly devising new methods for evading authentication processes and are sharing these tactics within the dark web community. It is the goal of our fraud forensic experts to put a halt to these attacks.

Our primary objective is to provide you with a thorough comprehension of the reasons behind incorrect user acceptances or rejections within the system. The analysts then relay their findings to determine the most effective adjustments to decisioning rules, with the goal of enhancing overall outcomes.


To effectively address client objectives, our analyst team will propose any needed changes to your decisioning engine rules. These changes will be specifically tailored to meet targeted KPIs or business goals, ensuring a precise alignment between objectives and expert recommendations.

What is reviewed?

  • Analyze False Rejection Rates (FRR)
  • Analyze False Acceptance Rates (FAR)
  • Review suspected fraud/counterfeits
  • Classify and identify ID tampering types and trends
  • Report on which document ID types and issues are most affected
  • Review algorithm scoring against set decisioning thresholds to determine necessary adjustments


  • Transaction Decision Accuracy
  • Front Image Quality
  • Back Image Quality
  • Document Type
  • Front Image Conclusion
  • Back Image Conclusion
  • Issuer
  • Document Series

Learn more about deliverables and service schedules in our complete
Transaction ID Review & Remediation Service Brief.