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With AuthenticID, everyone can interact with greater confidence. Everywhere.

Our mission at AuthenticID is to combat fraud worldwide and help businesses protect their enterprise and valuable data assets. We provide the identity verification technology to allow anyone to prove their identity – anytime, anyplace, and on any device.

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About us.

AuthenticID sets the gold standard for the new world of identity-verified transactions.

Our identity verification services and technology are the solution of choice for world-leading organizations, including:

  • Many of the largest financial institutions
  • Every major wireless provider in the U.S.
  • The majority of top identity verification, monitoring and protection services
  • Two of the most significant credit bureaus
  • Federal and state services across the U.S. territories
  • An expansive array of businesses across nearly every industry and country

Awards & Recognition

2023 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award

Authentication Solution of the Year

2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

Recognized as a “Luminary” for IDV Providers

2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award Winner

Recognized in Authentication & Identity Organization

Best of Breed Solution

Identity Verification Market Quadrant Report by Chartis Research

TRUST is the core of our decisioning platform and how we operate as an organization.

What we value.

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At AuthenticID, we operate as a collaborative team and support one another to creatively resolve challenges.



To achieve the best possible outcomes, we are focused on maintaining a fearless work environment fueled by “courageous conversations” in which everyone’s opinions and ideas are valued.



Our company is founded upon compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness and patience. We approach our day with a focus on being our absolute best, being multipliers, putting our customers first, instilling trust and creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.



We accomplish our objectives by rooting out overcomplexity while continually seeking and finding direct, clear solutions.



We celebrate honesty and openness by being forthcoming and truthful with our customers and each other in all interactions.

Our core mission is to make managing your identity simple and safe.

We do this by giving individuals a reliable way to securely prove that they are who they say they are: to governments, to companies, on the web and to other individuals.

By the end of the decade, we aim to empower all mobile subscribers with the ability to confidently know that the people and organizations they interact with are legitimately who they claim to be.

We’re also committed to the ethical use of our identity technology and corporate influence to improve humanity by standing for the end of human trafficking and child exploitation through our founding of the All 4 Humanity Alliance social campaign.