Safe & Compliant Age Verification

Easily Verify Age & Maintain Compliance - in Seconds

Simple, accurate Age Verification for your business

AuthenticID’s Age Verification solutions verify age and maintain compliance – in seconds.

Age Verification Software

Our solution verifies the age of users and confirms age requirements in digital and retail channels via document scanning, selfie technology, or a combination of both.

AuthenticID’s proprietary technology offers a critical barrier to keep consumers and businesses safe and lawful.

  • Verify age or age range in seconds
  • Add liveness detection to ensure ID or person is physically present
  • Stateless processing with customizable data retention & anonymity levels

Three Ways to Deploy Age Verification

Selfie Age Verify

Our cutting-edge facial estimation technology can identity a user’s age in real-time, no ID needed, with a static selfie. Our solution includes iBeta PAD 2 technology to detect liveness, which detects spoofing tactics like users taking a picture of a physical photo, digital image, a 3D printed mask, or even a deep fake video.

If the user is not the age they say or within a predetermined acceptable range, Document Age Verification can be triggered as a step up.

Document Age Verify

Fast, accurate identity document scanning extracts the user’s date of birth with pass or fail decisioning. Enable stateless processing to delete all PII data and images instantly.

AuthenticID’s proprietary technology combines machine learning and AI to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify ID authenticity and extract all PII.

Selfie + Document Age Verify

Users can start the process with a simple selfie and can be prompted to then capture their government-issue ID as a step up if the selfie falls within an age range that is close to the customer’s approved parameters.

Users can also be prompted to capture both ID and selfie for extra validation and underwriting.

Gain the Benefits of Age Verification

Keep Your Users Safe and Compliant

  • Ensure full compliance with regulations and prevent hefty fines.
  • Streamline age-restricted purchases and workflows.
  • Keep your brand reputation strong.
  • Provide a layer of protection against identity fraud.
Woman Smiling at Phone completing Age Verification
1 second

to get a YES or NO decision – with customizable data retention & anonymity levels.

Age Verification

Industries Specific Solutions

AuthenticID’s Age Verification solutions are designed to meet the needs of all age-restricted industries, products, and content. No matter the regulation or requirements, our solution offers fast, flexible, and accurate age verification with a streamlined user experience across a variety of use cases.

Confirm age with timestamped underwriting before users open accounts or prior to uploading or viewing content.

Ensure minors do not access age-restricted games or gambling sites, safeguard youth from offensive or adult content, and prevent chargebacks from unauthorized purchases and/or bets.

Confirm users are who they say they are, whether younger or older, to protect users from inappropriate access to content, catphishing (also known as romance scams), or fraud.

The sale and consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, prescription drugs, and other age-restricted products are strictly regulated worldwide. Prevent unauthorized purchases and mitigate unlawful selling of products to minors, or verify age upon delivery or pick up of goods.

Ensure proper use of age-exclusive ecommerce, approved use of payment cards, as well as diminished rates of chargeback fraud and account takeover.

Protect minors from content curated for 18+ audiences and comply with changing regulations.

See our ID Verification in Action

Explore the benefits of Identity Proofing. Our ID Verification technology can be tailored for any industry with custom workflows to meet your use case needs.

Identity Verification with AuthenticID

Integrating our automated, accurate ID document verification into your workflows is easy. Let our experts show you how.