AuthenticID Releases Deep Fake and Generative AI Detection Solution for Businesses

New Capability Addresses Surge in Injection Attacks Fueled by AI-Based Technology 

SEATTLE, WA – June 11, 2024 – AuthenticID, a global leader in identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, announced the release of a new solution to detect deep fake and generative AI injection attacks. This new enhancement to their identity verification technology, developed by AuthenticID’s Product and Applied Research team, uses proprietary algorithms to prevent the majority of digital injection attacks that leverage AI-generated content.    

Deep fakes are synthetic documents, videos or biometrics such as facial or audio that are artificially generated using machine learning, specifically deep learning techniques. Digital injection attacks occur when a bad actor “injects” these deep fakes into an identity verification workflow to spoof the system and bypass traditional fraud detection and identity verification methods. 

“The widespread availability of inexpensive, easy-to-use tools allows bad actors to create highly convincing fake identity documents and biometrics,” said Alex Wong, VP Product Management at AuthenticID. “Recent news stories have shown just how devastating these attacks can be to any organization. Our deep fake injection attack solution meets a critical need to determine the legitimacy of a user in this new era of technology.” 

AuthenticID’s Injection Attack Solution uses three methods with targeted, proprietary algorithms.  

  • Visual Fraud Algorithms to detect counterfeit and synthetic elements in content 
  • Text Fraud Algorithms to detect errors within false documents  
  • Behavioral Algorithms focusing on activity during the capture and submission of an ID 

The AuthenticID identity verification solution is 100% automated, driven by machine learning technology. The solution’s automation means there is no human bias or lag time introduced in the detection and decisioning process. Stopping injection attacks and deep fake attacks can be done in a workflow in a matter of milliseconds. 

“We’ve observed fraudsters making fewer mistakes when they create fake documents,” noted Stephen Thwaits, AuthenticID’s SVP Global Solutions. “Traditional identity verification methods can’t keep up with both the sophistication and ease at which bad actors can circumvent security measures with the use of new tools. That’s why continuous innovation is necessary to meet fraudsters at the front line.”  

Importantly, these algorithms and the overall solution are not a “silver bullet” in the fight against injection attacks and other identity fraud methods. Fraudsters are evolving their methods daily to develop new ways to circumvent identify verification and security measures. That is why AuthenticID’s  Identity Fraud Taskforce is committed to continuously developing new algorithms and improving the identity verification decisioning engine to ensure new fraud vectors can be identified and stopped. 

AuthenticID will continue to drive innovation forward in its technology to ensure companies can stay ahead of changing fraud techniques and regulatory requirements while delivering best-in-class customer experience. 

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