ID Validation

ID validation, or identity document (ID) validation, is the process of verifying a provided national ID, driver’s license or passport to ensure authenticity and validity. This verification process is completed via software that uses machine vision, AI, and document library, among other sources, to determine authenticity of the identity document. Software will scan and extract content from documents and analyze to validate. ID validation is typically used as part of fraud prevention processes. ID Validation is an important step for businesses to take to reduce and prevent fraud and is essential to ensuring compliance with various regulations that are required.

Why Use ID Validation?

Not only are rates of identity theft and fraud rising, but fraudsters are also getting smarter, sneakier, and more adaptive with their approaches. Companies need to protect themselves against fraud while having a seamless onboarding system to reduce traffic fiction that prevents fraud from occurring without deterring customer conversions. 

ID validation makes the onboarding process much quicker; it allows quick and convenient assistance in authenticating documents that are presented for identification verification. ID validation technology streamlines the user experience to increase conversions and reduce operational costs while increasing scalability for businesses.

Companies need ID validation to protect against fraud, fraudsters are only going to continue to become more sophisticated and clever with their fraud approach, and ID validation is here to keep these professional scammers at bay. 

With ID validation employers can ensure prospective employees and customers are who they say they are by using secure methods that reduce risks and allow a safer recruitment process. 

How Does ID Validation work?

ID validation technology can catch even the most sophisticated and professional fraudulent documents and professional fraudsters. Image capture technology gives you the ability to capture and process low-quality images with the most challenging backgrounds and lighting. ID validation uses exceptional technology to catch even the most sophisticated fraudulent documents. The technology used for this is proprietary OCR, 2D barcode, and MRZ data extraction technology has the highest accuracy in the industry and supports over 30 international languages.

When completing the validation process, you will need a valid and unexpired national ID, driver’s license, passport, etc. The image must include both your photo and signature and all edges of the ID card must be displayed. When uploading passport images, it is required to include a photo page, and a signature page. When uploading a national ID or driver’s license images of both the front and back of the document are required.

It is essential that you are certain you are providing a clear image of your document and that all information in the photograph is legible.

ID Validation for Fraud Detection

Learn more about the techniques used for ID tampering and fraud detection.

ID Validation Documents and Methods

There are multiple ways to validate your identity. Ways to validate your identity with valid and unexpired documents include:

  • National ID
  • Driver’s License 
  • Passport
  • Identity Cards
  • Resident Permits
  • Voter ID Cards