Identity Proofing

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Help detect and prevent fraud while quickly verifying the identity of users for account enrollment and re-authentication.

  • KYC Verification & Compliance
  • ID Document Validation & Tamper Detection
  • Selfie Verification

Prevent account takeover and fight synthetic identity fraud with our proprietary AI and machine learning technology.

  • Detect Counterfiet ID’s
  • Trigger Step-up Authentication for High-Risk Transactions
  • Create Fraud Watchlists for Bad Actors

Establish and maintain compliance and trust digitally, in-store, and in call centers, and fight financial crime.

  • More Seamless Account Enrollment and Onboarding
  • Monitoring and Re-Authentication
  • Reduce Loss from Financial Crime and KYC / AML Fines
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Step-up authentication offers a means to keep customers and your business safe with minimal friction.

  • High-Value Financial Transactionsaction
  • Changing Account Details
  • Re-authentication for Multiple Failed Login Attempts

Provide a streamlined way to safely and securely authenticate and onboard users with the access levels you control. 

  • Self-Service Employee Onboarding
  • Secure Remote Workforce Access
  • Ongoing Passwordless Logins and Re-Authentication
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Age Verification solutions are designed to meet the needs of all age-restricted industries, products, and content.

  • Verify Age or Age Range in Seconds
  • KYC Verification & Compliance
  • Selfie Verification

Solutions by industry.

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Accelerate customer checkout, decrease customer abandonment and prevent fraudulent charge-backs.

  • Age Verification
  • Application & Account Onboarding
  • User Onboarding Streamlining

Know Your Student! In today’s world verifying the person taking a course or test is a crucial priority. Use our digital identify proofing solution to certify your students.

  • Streamlined User Onboarding
  • Application & Account Onboarding
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Stop fraud while increasing account openings with frictionless sign-up.

  • KBA & Database Lookup Replacement
  • KYC & AML Compliance
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Verify age, improve sign-up process, meet KYC/AML requirements and prevent account takeovers by money launderers/fraudsters.

Military Server Farm

Provide the highest levels of security with 21st-century identity proofing and fraud deterrence solutions.

Medical Record

Know your patient requirements, fight insurance and payment fraud, and verify identities for COVID-19 testing.

Delivery App

Verify customers/drivers before passenger pickup, package acceptance/drop-off, or transfer of keys. Easy 1099 workforce onboarding.

  • Trust & Safety Standards
  • Age Verification
  • Application & Account Onboarding
  • User Onboarding Streamlining
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Streamline account opening KYC and SIM swapping prevention compliance.

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Stop bad actors and streamline digital user onboarding for reward/loyalty accounts.

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Continuous authentication provides ongoing identity proofing.

Enable instant, continuous authentication.

Set your own parameters for identity verification triggers using automated voice and face authentication requests.

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Identity proofing and fraud detection solutions.

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