Identity-driven business enablement, done right.

Advance your organization with our range of identity proofing services. Discover how our identity verification technology can help you achieve enterprise objectives while removing risk.

Real-time fraud monitoring service.

Combat fraud with Dynamic Decisioning.

Fraudsters attack with relentless velocity and ingenuity. AuthenticID keeps you one step ahead with the industry’s only dynamic, near-real-time, SWAT-like fraud monitoring and response service. Learn how we halt fraud attacks the instant they emerge by refactoring thousands of machine learning signals generated by our platform into new algorithms defined by our forensic fraud experts and data scientists.

Our Dynamic Decisioning service is offered as a daily, weekly, or monthly response frequency based upon your business requirements for each use case.

ID Authentication Remediation without bias.

AuthenticID empowers you to automate ID data processing via proprietary machine-learning models and world-leading ground truth data sets built for remediation processing/research purposes. This includes gender and race bias testing on provided data sets, particularly for ID verification and ID Photo-to-Selfie biometric matching.

We can also help you improve your KYC workflow for existing customers via remediation.

ID authentication service.

Achieve an optimal Identity Workflow Design.

Find out how AuthenticID can improve your identity workflow with our vast portfolio of identity verification solutions, as well as our expert understanding of other identity proofing services and their applicability for hosting, decisioning bias and constraints.

With our help, you can:

  • Reduce user abandonment and increase sales conversion.
  • Improve customer experiences while lowering operational costs.
  • Eliminate fraud vulnerabilities.
  • Enable robust consent capture to mitigate data privacy compliance risk.
  • Optimize KYC workflows.
  • Remove decisioning bias for any race, gender, age or geography.