Step-Up Authentication

Heighten security measures for high-risk transactions by balancing user friction and system security.

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IDENTITY PROOFING: An Unrivaled Suite Of Products

Only AuthenticID can help you stop fraud, increase customer conversion, reduce operating costs, and elevate security with thousands of proprietary machine learning and computer visualization models.

AuthenticID’s identity proofing solution features:

  • 100% automated ID Verification delivers a confident yes/no decision in seconds 
  • Biometric authentication with liveness detection to ensure ID or person is physically present during account opening
    or re-authentication
  • Instant data extraction for quick and automated form filling
  • Fraud detection and bad actor watchlists powered by AI and Machine learning technology
  • Robust reporting and dashboards to gain valuable insight into your identity transactions

AuthenticID’s Industry Leading Results



ROI fraud prevention



PII compliant



Accurate counterfeit detection



Automated verifications

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Explore the benefits of Identity Proofing. Our ID Verification combined with Biometric Authentication can be tailored for any industry with custom workflows to meet your use case needs.