Identity Pass –
A Digital Identity Wallet for
Trusted Authentications

Validate a customer’s identity and leave them in control
of their personal data.

A single tool to manage identification documents that protects a person’s most precious asset: their identity.

An easier way to manage identity verification

Explore the benefits of our digital identity wallet with a multitude of use cases for individuals and businesses.

Identity Verification in Seconds. Here’s How it Works.

Identity Pass creates a digital identity credential based on advanced, fully automated ID verification and biometric authentication.

1. ID Validation

First, users download the app or scan a QR code to begin using Identity Pass. Users simply take a photo of the front and back of their government ID.

2. Selfie Authentication

Next, with a simple selfie, a user’s face can be matched and validated against the corresponding ID.

3. User Enrollment &

Once validated, a user’s identity is proofed and enrolled. The data is encrypted via a private key and stored with the user – meaning they stay in control of their personal data.

Identity Pass for Businesses

Businesses can utilize Identity Pass’s industry-leading machine learning and AI solutions to offer their customers a better online experience while ensuring they have confidence in verifying their customers.

A streamlined and complete identity proofing solution that eliminates passwords for account logins.

Prevent the use of deep fakes, screenshots, spoofing, masks, printed photos, and more. 

Offer peace of mind that your user’s identity is protected at every stage of the customer journey.

Securely manage KYC and AML requirements with ease.

Imagine the Possibilities

Identity Pass can be deployed for a multitude of use cases for both consumers and businesses.

  • Online gaming or betting verification
  • Alcohol & age-restricted purchases
  • Social media & dating site access
  • Blockchain & crypto transacting
  • Accessing medical records or benefits
  • Remote workforce application access
  • Event or venue admissions
  • Buy online, pick up in store authentication

Our Technology

AuthenticID solutions are powered by patented next-gen machine learning and AI identity verification technology.

  • 100% automated solution – no human-intervention to interject inaccuracies, bias or delays
  • Top rated facial recognition – rated the most accurate, efficient, and non-bias facial recognition technology by NIST (National Institute of technologies and standards)
  • 99+ Accuracy in counterfeit detection – ID Tamper detection that includes 2000+ unique computer vision data models using EXIF MetaData Analysis, Text Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, and Visual Analysis.
  • iBeta Pad 2 liveness compliant to prevent spoofing and ensure the person taking a selfie is present during ID verification.