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Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie

Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie

Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie serves as the marketing content manager at AuthenticID. With over 10 years of experience in diverse facets of B2B, the nonprofit sector, and business services, she turns big picture strategy into reality.

Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie serves as the marketing content manager at AuthenticID. With over 10 years of experience in diverse facets of B2B, the nonprofit sector, and business services, she turns big picture strategy into reality.

people on phones sim swap biometric authentication identity verification

The rising prevalence of SIM swapping incidents underscores the need for more robust identity proofing processes and enhanced security measures in the telecommunications industry.

synthetic shopper with synthetic identity commits identity fraud ecommerce retail

ECommerce sellers face new threats: synthetic identity fraud and synthetic shoppers threaten retailers across multiple channels- discover how to combat this fraud.

Deep fake, AI and face swap in video edit. Deepfake and machine learning. ai identity fraud

The distinction between good AI and bad AI when it comes to cybersecurity is a growing concern for business leaders.

Read more about the rapid growth of AI, the risk this poses to businesses’ online security, and how they can combat AI-based identity fraud threats as this technology advances.

Sophisticated cybercriminals are constantly dreaming up ways to breach that initial wall and gain access to the goods — customer data. Learn how account takeover protection can shield against fraudsters and ATO attacks.

Know-your-customer (KYC), sometimes called know-your-client, processes are familiar among banks and financial institutions as they’re a regulatory necessity in the industries. They often involve a mix of physical documentation-based and electronic methods for document verification and customer identification to reduce financial crime. Electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) takes KYC a step further by digitizing the entire process … Read more

Balancing security and user experience can be a tricky task. Use biometric authentication to keep threats out and genuine customers in.

what is friendly fraud and how can you combat it

Guard against friendly fraud and chargebacks. Learn about credit card fraud prevention, dispute resolution and protecting your business and customers.

minor access to website age verification regulations for businesses

Age verification not only maintains regulatory compliance but also keeps users safe online and creates an atmosphere of trust. From fines to damages to brand reputation and more, companies can’t take the risk of anything less than full compliance with age-related regulations.

online gaming gambling identity verification

With Know Your Gamer (KYG) policies, gaming companies can accurately verify the identities of those who are active on their sites. By implementing identity verification platforms, these companies can lessen their exposure to bad actors who want to sabotage the game or are looking to defraud the platform or other players.

identifying fraud types

In 2022, the FBI received 800,944 reported complaints that exceeded $10.3 billion in fraud losses for businesses’ critical infrastructure and data. Not only is technology getting faster and more sophisticated, but so are cybercriminals.  Tap in to learn more about emerging fraud trends to be aware of, the types of fraud to prevent, what it … Read more

Synthetic Fraud

Identity fraud isn’t new, but it is constantly reinventing itself. The acceleration of digitization has also led to a dramatic increase in rates of synthetic identity fraud. Synthetic identity fraud is sophisticated, hard to track, and even harder to stop- making it a top concern for many businesses in their fight against fraud.

man enrolling account digitally

Financial services organizations can futureproof themselves against fraud by leveraging powerful AI. Utilizing AI to fight fraud also comes with the added benefit of a safer, more secure, and in most cases, streamlined user experience.

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8 is International Women’s Day. At AuthenticID, we’re incredibly proud of the talented women who drive our team forward, touching all parts of our operations: leadership, technology, marketing, customer success, software, administration, and more. Join us in celebrating the achievements of women everywhere, and help us raise awareness … Read more

There is no shortage of threats to your digital identity and data. Keep yourself, your business, and your loved ones safe from fraud with AuthenticID’s 12 Days of Fraud Prevention Tips.

Knowledge-based authentication or KBA is utilized extensively for authentication in many industries and applications, and if fairly easy to deploy at a nominal cost. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the optimal solution, especially as fraud techniques become more sophisticated.

Identity Verification 101.

Identity verification means that a business can confirm the identity of its customers. Identity Verification is a process that ensures a person is who they claim to be.